Allow workflows to delete or mark tasks complete

USE CASE: We use a custom property to identity when a contact is known to be a dead lead. However, many of these contacts have pending tasks associated which are no longer applicable once a contact is dead.

PROPOSED FUNCTIONALITY: Add a feature to workflows which would allow changing the status of a task or deleting it. Basically this would be just the opposite of creating a task from a workflow ... but perhaps a bit more complex to implement . Currently workflows auto create many tasks which now no long are applicable and must be manually deleted.
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I have over 1500 open tasks from old employees this would be great about now 😉 


Having this functionality would open up a lot of possibilities for automating work and saving time for my team.  I'm a little surprised that this isn't already available.


It would also be a good idea to pair this feature with the ability to customize Task properties.


This would be extremely helpful. 

We are also looking for the ability to automate a call list and it creates difficulty when tasks are not removed when a call is completed after it has already been added back to the queue. 


+1 this idea.  we REALLY need this to be valuable for the users.  Having them complete tasks manually when the lead moves quickly between stages is, well, not valuable.


Very much needed.


We like to create tasks at the beginning of our Sales process so the Sales team is able to foresee their effort in the upcoming days/weeks.


When no longer useful, these tasks should be removed.


I responded to this back 6 plus months ago.  A work around that i have found useful is to use unsummarized reports instead of tasks.  You can filter out the line items on the unsummarized reports when the task is no longer needed.  It works better for us than tasks.


Yes!!!! This would be huge for our sales team since they rack up tasks and forget to mark them as completed, it makes things a mess


Agreed!  I'd love to set up a workflow that would complete a task should the deal move to a different stage.


Yes!!!! It would be so useful for so many cases!!


I would love to have this function too! Or just the function that whenever a new task is created, the old one disappeares automatically.

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We've created "Speed to Opportunity" workflows for a clientI. When a lead comes in, gets assigned to an owner, as well as a task in queue, and isn't responded to in X amount of time, we round robin the lead ownership to another rep. Unfortunately, we cannot complete or delete the original task. This causes confusion when the Deal is reassigned but now there is two tasks for two different reps. This is basic sales functionality and needs to be addressed in HubSpot yesterday.


This would be valuable to my organization.  I've got a workflow that creates tasks to call new customers about training, but often the task is created, then the customer completes training and exits the workflow before the rep has had an opportunity to call/complete the task. But even though the customer fulfilled the training requirement and exited the workflow, the task for the rep remains open.

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Great idea! Hope this gets implemented.


For example, if there is a task for someone to call a contact, but that contact first contacts another member of the team, we need to delete that task so the assigned teammember doesn't bother the contact unnecessarily. Thanks.


Please do get working on this, I was extremely disappointed that this is not yet available in a system like Hubspot


Not to chime in way too late, but this seems essential to me! Because of how mundane and manual this is to have to remember to go in and check tasks as completed when a triggering event occurs (or God foribid create another task to remind you to complete the previous task, which is easy to do) tasks build up and up and up and then I've found it to often occur that you have to create a named task queue just for tasks that you intend to accomplish because the "All" or "overdue" queues become so overrun that it's essentially not even worth looking at the tasks at all anymore. I know nothing about coding or how difficult accomplishing this would be, but it would be a really helpful thing to have because otherwise tasks themselves become less helpful! 


Yes this is a very necessary option for us. Seems so basic, that when a lead is closed out you want to remove tasks related to it. So frustrating to see this is 'being reviewed' for more than a year.


@jtremblay please include us in any beta to trial this capability. we have 200k+ contacts in our HubSpot db and we are holding back adding another 500k, until this feature is added. cannot afford to be limited with workflows to "create tasks" only, without the same ability to "delete tasks" when certain workflow criteria are met.


If a contact opts out it would be nice if that could trigger task complete as an open task wouldn't be needed moving forward.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
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Hey everyone,


Thank you for the continued feedback here. It's very helpful as we have been digging in to understand the use-cases better.


While we don't have anything currently planned here, we will update you if that changes.