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Allow workflows to delete or mark tasks complete

USE CASE: We use a custom property to identity when a contact is known to be a dead lead. However, many of these contacts have pending tasks associated which are no longer applicable once a contact is dead.

PROPOSED FUNCTIONALITY: Add a feature to workflows which would allow changing the status of a task or deleting it. Basically this would be just the opposite of creating a task from a workflow ... but perhaps a bit more complex to implement . Currently workflows auto create many tasks which now no long are applicable and must be manually deleted.
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great functionality indeed! 

any time a deal stage changes or a property changes which indicates the task of the lead is no longer valid, it should get automatically deleted via a workflow. 


Agreed. The use case that EdenAllel mentions is exactly what I came here to mention. If we create a task based on a deal moving to a particular stage, that task is often no longer relevant when the deal changes stages again. There should be a way to cancel/delete those tasks that are no longer applicable.


I would love to see this feature as well. You've got my vote.


same wish here, when a company/account is assigned to another sales rep, the outstanding task will cause two reps contacting that account unknowingly. 

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Sent this request to HubSpot today and was told to upvote. This is more of a common sense thing I would say. When a deal is marked closed, we should be able to close out tasks associated to specific stages, subject lines, etc. In our case, we have tasks set up to reach out and follow up to clients who have not moved forward with a specific service/product. If they have moved forward, these tasks still show in opened and our team then goes through 100+ tasks. Ideally, a closed stage or a deal moving to another stage closes out previous tasks. 


We need this as well, I think is really a must-have!


Desparately needed.


Yes, really really need this feature. Without it, the tasks become completely unruly. 


We also need this funtionallity for our Service Team. When we create task for onboarding clients but they quit before onboarding, we want to be able to have a workflow in place that will delete these for us.

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Hi Everyone,


I'm Jesse Tremblay, Product Manager for our Automation products here at HubSpot. Thanks for all of your feedback on this thread.


While we don't currently have anything planned here, we are going to be reviewing this idea. We will update this thread as we learn more.




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encountered another use case for this so back to reaffirm my 'like.' lots of valuable things could be done with the ability to mark tasks as complete in workflows.


That would be great!

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Yes indeed, this is much needed!

Our use case is we want to automate when a property is updated - a task is marked as complete (meaning, that when a rep has made a call, the task "Call" is marked complete automatically. This is essential as our reps are using a power dialler to make calls, so it is counter intuitive to then ask them to circle back and manually update the Hubspot task


Great idea! This will support sales and also post sales efforts! Trigger to set the status of the task as complete would be awesome! Even if thats just to update the "task completion date" which is already an activity "property". 


I am fairly new to Hubspot, but it would be great to set a goal with the task at the time of creating it that is similar to how you can set a goal in  a workflow.  Once the goal is met, the task could be marked complete.

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@jtremblay This is one of the many upgrades needed for tasks. We have Tasks triggered in Deal based workflows. When those Deals are Closed Won or Closed Lost it would be great to have a way to identify and delete the Tasks created from the original workflow or specific queue.


Up-voting this!


Yes please! Badly needed

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Agree 100%. If they complete the task by updating a property, then we should be able to use a workflow to also mark the task as compelte. 


It would be so usefull!