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Allow workflow to create a task on an error from an action

Instead of requiring an Hubspot User to remember to navigate to a specific page to look for workflow errors, I would like to be able to make a task associated with the specific contact that generated the  error in the workflow. 


There are likely many use cases of this.  Here's one specific use case I would like to see:


On this knowledge base page: Troubleshoot common workflow errors ( on of the common workflow errors is on Set Contact Property


After the action that is trying to set the contact property, I would like to be able to have a If/then path that would branch on "error generated by previous action".  If an error occured then I would create a task associated with that contact and assign it to the appropriate Hubspot User.


Another option would be instead of an if/then branch that the Set Property Action had a "What to do on Error" setting, which could include things like:


  • Create task,  then continue workflow
  • Create task, then exit workflow
  • Jump to this node in the workflow
  • etc...

Thanks for considering this idea!



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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @IBrockschmidt ,


I'm excited to let you know that this is in fact a feature offered today. We clearly need to do a better job of exposing it if it's not easy to find but let me show you what I mean.

What you're looking for is the Value equals branch. This, like an If/then branch action, allows you to route your records down branches based off equality of a single value. Because the action supports outputs from previous actions in the workflow, you can use the Set property's success output and branch off success or failure:




What you'll find is that we expose 5 different statuses for each action:



I apologize once again, you may immediately recognize that these 5 options are not terribly user friendly. We're working on making these easier to work with as well. However, for the time being this will allow you to do exactly what you are looking for. If you read each output you will likely be able to identify the error condition you're looking for and act accordingly. For example, you could create a Task for a User when the action "Failed and moved on to the next action", while continuing with your normal workflow when the output is "Succeeded"


Let me know if you have any questions about this or if you have suggestions about how to improve the experience. My team is always looking for ways to improve our newly built out "action outputs" experience.


Thanks Zeke! Hubspot is so awesome, that there are definately things I miss.  Hopefully having this on the community forum will help others find it to!