Allow workflow to be triggered off of a "Scheduled" marketing email.

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Who is this for?: The customer service department team.


What is the goal?: To set up a workflow that will automate a very specific email reply to a customer who has replied back to a very specific marketing email. 

* For instance; when we send a marketing email out to all of our customers inviting them to reply to that email in order to be entered into a free giveaway.  When the customer replies back to that specific email we would like another automated email sent back to them right away thanking them for entering our giveaway. 


What value will this add?: It will add value to our CS team in terms of efficiency. If we can automate a reply, then we won't need to spend hours sending the same template to each customer who replies in order to enter our giveaway.


Are there examples of other places or products who have this feature?:  Yes. LiveAgent has this feature.


Screenshots are attached of how this works in LiveAgent.  Although "ticket" does not mean the same thing in LiveAgent as it does in HubSpot. Basically, it means when a customer sends in an email. 


Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 5.53.41 PM.png

 Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 5.57.41 PM.png


I'm also including a screenshot of the limitation set by workflows in HubSpot and what looks like "could" be an easy fix. 


Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 4.56.04 PM.png


The only option in HubSpot right now that even comes close to what we need is the option to set a trigger based on a marketing email that is already active.  However... we need to set up a workflow based on an email that is yet to be active. One that is scheduled to go out later that week (for example).    A "set it and forget it" type of workflow.  


Otherwise... I'm sitting at my computer waiting for the Marketing email to send at 11am in order to quickly create the workflow after the fact.  But... if I am on vacation (which happens sometimes) I can't do that.  😜.


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The mechanics are very simple, it's annoying that we have to wait for the email to publish before we can use it as a trigger in the workflow. My organization also supports this idea!


Agreed! It is less likely that I will get the workflow setup if I have to wait until the email is sent.