Allow workflow reenrollment for CTA clicks

Right now, it is not possible to reenroll contacts in a workflows based on CTA clicks. 


This feature would be very useful for us, since we build our own custom Opt-In process and use CTA clicks to perform the second step in the double-opt-in.

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I would like to use workflows to increment a custom property by one every time a contact clicks on a CTA. This would be a very helpful feature.

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This would be a big help to us as well. We send automated emails to our users every few months, and we use whether they clicked on a CTA to tell us whether we need to follow up with them. It's not enough that this works only one time, since a contact could very well click the CTA button in subsequent emails, in which case we need to follow up with them again.

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We send emails to clients each quarter and we use the CTA to have them let us know if we DO NOT need to follow up with them. Clicking the CTA launches a workflow that emails the client confirming we received their request and them sets a task for us to review their records with us. Having to create different processes for each time we do this is inefficient. Also, the workaround of creating lists for each number of times a person clicks on a CTA and then using those lists as re-enroll criteria is setting me up to make a mistake or forget to create new lists and associate those with the workflow.