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Allow workflow re-enrollment for deal properties

Currently, contacts must be manually re-enrolled in a workflow if the enrollment criteria includes a deal property (specifically, deal stage). The inability to automatically re-enroll is very limiting, as we want our processes to work as seamlessly for repeat customers as they do for new customers.

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Hi, I agree that this would be great. In general, it lacks so much to be able to automate things around deals. But we found a way around your problem : you should create a smart list based on the deal stage criteria. So everyone in the deal stage will be in the list. Then you change your workflow enrollment criteria to list membership and not deal stage anymore. This way you can reenroll people again ! Hope it helps.


Agreed! This functionality is very important especially for companies like ours who may have multiple opportunities for a single contact. We want to send a simple communication each time a new opportunity is created - and are unable to do so because they cannot be re-enrolled. 


@annaS That is such a smart workaround, thank you! Hopefully this functionality will be implemented in the near future, but until then, we'll definitely use the smart list approach.

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 The Smart List approach isn't a great workload for us because the task, for us, is Deal-based and not contact based.  We're finding that if a secon or third person is associated to the Deal the workflow is triggering for them too.  We would need the above to only trigger for the first person associated to the Deal.




This definitely needs to be added to Hubspot!


This would be an extremely helpful feature to help us manage lifecycle stages. We'd like to use Deal stage to manage Contact lifecycle. However, if a Contact has already been enrolled in a workflow based on a previous Deal then they will not be re-enrolled whenever a new Deal meets the enrollment criteria. It's frustrating! I'll try the smart list workaround in the meantime but I really don't understand why this can't be managed via workflows. 


Edit 08/21/2018: We are successfully working around this limitiation by using smart lists. We have created one list and one workflow for each Deal Stage. It works well enough.

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To extend upon @annaS's idea, using smart list membership as re-enrollment criteria should work, but only if you've added criteria to remove someone from the list after a period of time. If your criteria is "Deal stage" is equal to "Closed/Won", the contact will never be removed from the list, and as a result, won't trigger the re-enrollment criteria of "list membership" in your workflow. That enrollment criteria is based off of new list membership, not current.


The trick is to add criteria that has a rolling date. @brianweiss had an awesome idea to add the contact property, "Recent Deal Close Date" and use the rolling criteria of "is less than", followed by the amount of time you'd like to specify. A week or shorter should suffice.


What this means is, your contact will be added to the list the moment they have a deal that has reached "Closed/Won" less than a week ago, and removed when the deal's close date is no longer within that window. This will allow you to have the same contact added to the list multiple times, resulting in workflow re-enrollment.


The exact criteria should look like this:


Deal Property > "Deal Stage" is equal to "Closed/Won"


Contact Property> "Recent Deal Close Date" is less than "1 week"


This is so needed! We are working with contacts that have multiple deals going at a time, so automatic triggers based on contact activity are tricky. We have come up with some work arounds, but the fact that the deal panel says "Re-Enrollment Coming Soon" makes me think that this is a problem that Hubspot knows it needs to work on! Upvoting 🙂


This feature is marked as coming soon, we would so appreciate it as soon as we can get it! We live and die by individual deals and having some processes in workflows automated helps so much!

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The workflows team is currently looking into permitting re-enrollment on the basis of deal properties!


Currently, a feedback survey can only be triggered once using deal criteria. Next deal, no feedback. Crazy.


Please add this asap!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


I’m Megan Legge, a product manager for HubSpot’s workflows tool. Thank you for your votes and comments. At this time there are no plans to develop this Idea. While this functionality was explored back in 2018, we found it was not feasible to implement with our current re-enrollment system, and unfortunately, that is still the case.


Instead, since then, we’ve put efforts toward enhancing deal, company, ticket, and quote workflows to be more robust, and enable re-enrollment for all objects in their respective workflow types (ie. you can re-enroll a company in a company workflow via company centered criteria) and enhancing re-enrollment capabilities in each. For example, rolling date range centered criteria are now supported for re-enrollment. For example, this means you can re-enroll a deal into a deal workflow, using re-enrollment criteria such as, "Deal close date is less than X days from now."


Additionally, it sounds like a lot of these needs are rooted in cross-object property value setting/copying. To improve that experience, we’ve also introduced additional property management functionality via our contact workflows upgrade, over the past several months. For example, in contact workflows, you can now set & copy property values to all other objects (companies, deals, tickets and quotes) in the same way you've always been able to in the other workflow types.


While these improvements have made property value management between objects more robust, many customers are asking for true property mapping/syncing between objects, which is currently being explored by the CRM team. Please check out this ideas post if that’s what you’re looking for, and take the survey linked by product designer CJ Matthews who is researching that feature:


This is not to say that this idea regarding re-enrollment will never be developed, just that there are no plans by which we'd able to do so at this time. 


Thank you,