Allow viewing quotes for CRM / Free users


We have 8 Sales Pro users, and 4 finanancial users (on CRM Free accounts) who only need to receive, download or view signed quotes. They can't unless they get a Pro license.


Now sales reps need to copy the signed quote to the attachements folder in order for finance to be able to view them. If CRM (Free) users would be able to just view (signed) quotes, or have a copy sent to their inbox. This would save alot of hassle, and imho a bit weird that this is not available.



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Definitely need this, too. We have sales hub enterprise and our finance person needs to be able to retrieve the .pdf of the quote for record keeping. Allowing view/download only would be a big value add.


Alternatively, or in addition, being able to send the completed quote as part of the internal email notification from a quote-based workflow would be a good solution, too.


100% agree, free users should be able to view quotes.


We moved to Hubspot to eliminate manual work in processes (among other things), but this limitation means we will need to add unnecessary manual labor.


This. I was a little surprised to hit a roadblock here.


Agreed, this would help have to check with an additional party who has access.