Allow users to call unsupported countries even before their HubSpot calling minutes are finished

This article ( shares that using Twilio Connect allows a user to call countries outside of the supported country list, but only after the user finishes their existing HubSpot calling minutes.


However, this defeats the purpose of connecting a Twilio account as being able to call an unsupported country might be their main reason and they shouldn't have to finish all 2000 minutes (if they are on the Sales professional plan) before they could call an unsupported country such as Malaysia. 

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Our challenge is that we need to be able to call several countries that twilio inludes, but HubSpot does not. We assumed by using the HubSpot preferred 3rd party ingregration for voice that this would allow us to call those countries using Twilio (since they do allow them). Such as Malayisa, Philippines, etc. However as it turns out, we can't access Twilio's additional countries until after we have used up the 2000 minutes per month included in the HubSpot pro plan we are on. So basically in a real world scenario this means we would have to save our customer calls for those in countries not included in Hubspot until the last few days of each month, when we exceed the 2000 minutes within HS, onkly then could we access the Twilio additional countries. So this means we can use Hubspot to call some countries, but for others we need to use another platform. For mobile users this is a big difference, more steps to folow to input and track data into Hubspot (some calls in HubSpot, some calls not). I really hope HS will find a way to allow use of Twilio additional countries all along. Waiting until after the 2000 minutes each month isn't really reasonable, especially if we never exceed those minutes. Thank you.