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Allow users to be 'primary team member' of more than one team

Currently, a user can be a 'primary' member of only one team. The user can be added to other teams as an 'additional team member', but many team features are unavailable to these 'additional' users (see list of restrictions below).


This is problematic and causing us considerable pain because some users need full access to multiple teams, e.g. an individual who is multi-role, or management/supervisory staff who need to monitor what goes on in the team. This is particularly true in smaller businesses. The one primary team restriction seems unjustifiable .


Restriction's on 'additional team members':

These users will not be included in any team reports, routing rules (e.g., conversation routing rules), team notifications (e.g., form submission email notifications to a team), or workflow rotation actions. They will also not be able to view any custom records views set up for the team.


The solution is to allow users to be primary members of multiple teams.


Any feedback?

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May 10, 2024 12:37 PM

Hi all, thanks for your feedback here! We are currently reviewing this and other Teams related feedback and are hoping to introduce some changes to help with the usage of Teams in apps like Reporting, Forecasts, Goals, and in Routing functionality.


We've spoken with a few of you already, but would love to have a short conversation with additional customers and chat through a solution idea specific to the Sales Reporting feedback. If you are interested in sharing feedback and are available for a 30 minute call in the next couple of weeks, please send me an email at



Jenna, Product Manager @ HubSpot

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It is very painful only to be able to send team notifications from workflows to one team per user. 

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We have a client with users that exist in multiple teams.


We need users to be in multiple teams (or additional team members), so that we can use those teams in workflows to send internal emails / notifications.


This has proben to be painful for my company as well.


This needs to be fixed.




Anoter +1, apparently almost two and a half years from the original post.


Chipping in with my +1 too. This seems like a completely needless restriction on capabilites. Like many others, I have users straddling Teams and having to micro-manage individual memberships for notifications rather than simply notify a team is a pest


Needs to be fixed. Almost 3 years ago now the post was made. 


Defeats the purpose of having teams that you can use in Workflows. 


Instead of "Hardcode" communications to specific users you should be able to use "Teams" to add and remove users. It's nearly impossible if you have multiple Workflows that are hardcoded to users to keep track of who gets what. Much easier to use the "Team" in the Workflow and remove and add new users from it. 


Please put this in prio






+1 . Currently adding a lot of additional manual workarounds with such limited functionality with teams. Could be easily resolved by allowing a user to be a primary team member of more than one team. Agree that it seems like a completely needless restriction with the current set up.


Upvoting this as well... crazy this still hasn't been resolved!


Jumping back in to bump this post. The inability for a user to get the functionality of the extra teams he is a part of is obsurd and makes the functionality of having extra members useless. 

We are looking at building sales goals. We have members of leadership that also contribute to the sales numbers. I'm not going to assign them as a primary to a sales team just so they can be included in sales goals. That's just one of many painpoints around this so called feature. 


Working on the new goals platform and the inability to create teams that aren't main members ruins the tool. Please fix!!! This will make the goal reporting AMAZING!!

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In our organization, employees are members of multiple "primary teams" (i.e., regional and subject teams), and we need the possibility to add numerous primary teams to a user account. 


This feature is fundamental to lead generation, as we have teams for reporting and pipeline but also teams for leads and sales enquiries. Not having the upgrade not only wastes time when team members leave/new starters or move teams, but is not sustainable from a lead generation perspective. 


Totally agree, this feature needs to be implemented as soon as possible, especially with such high demand. It is extremely time-consuming having to rotate between individual users, especially when employees leave and new employees join!


+1, upvoting this feature too.

We have supervisory roles that are in different teams.


Upvoted this. Require this feature at earliest.


This is such a problem being the project owner and tryign to setup right access, permissions, worklfows and reportign strructure for different teams. It's such a pain. Right now have been recommended to switch being Main user in different teams but it's not a good solution. There should be like a develop access where you can setup different things for various teams. Definitley votign for this to be solved sooner. 


I agree, additional team members need to have the same capabilities as primary team members, especially in workflows where we are using teams to assign tasks or notify team members of changes in a deal status. 

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I agree with @JWestman!

We have been waiting for almos 4 years ago now the post was made. 

I'm working with a customer who needs this ASAP! It's causing huge pain! Is there any update on this idea? Is it even on the roadmap?