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Allow users to be grouped into teams for permissions and reporting

For companies that work with independent sales teams for different product categories, we need to create different sales groups and each one of them needs to have a very own "sales group admin".


This "sales admin" would only be able to see the deals within his team but not deals from other teams.


Respectively, a sales person from a certain team could not have access to deals that are not in his group.


Lack of this single feature is making our clients use a separate CRM.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
Status changed to: In Planning

We are currently working on a way to group users into teams, and then use those teams for reporting and permissions.

New Member

Hi Andy,


 This is also a make or break feature for us. Otherwise we love Hubspot's functionality, but we in order to bring it on full bore for the company, being able to create working groups around contacts is critical. I see that the status has been changed to "In Planning" - can you give any additional info about when we can expect this feature to roll out?




HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @Jresnikoff, we're actively working on this feature and we are hoping to have a beta in the next few months.

New Contributor

Hi Andy, 

The security by team should apply to the deals only.

Not to the contacts nor companies which should be shared across all teams in an organization.

Do you have an estimated delivery date of this feature?


New Contributor

Is there any way we can extend this to content publishing and limiting permissions to specific domains/subdomains?


This could be the biggest deal breaker for our sales teams. Our sales teams like to keep their individual team deals, companies and contacts not visible to other teams. Also, it is easy if you have multiple sales managers to track their team acitivities easily. I would say this is a must in HubSpot CRM.