GDPR Deadline (25th May 2018)

With the deadline approaching, HubSpot has released new features and a playbook to make it easier for you and your team to comply. Please note that while these features live in HubSpot, your legal team is best placed to give you compliance advice for your specific situation.

Allow users to be grouped into teams for permissions and reporting

For companies that work with independent sales teams for different product categories, we need to create different sales groups and each one of them needs to have a very own "sales group admin".


This "sales admin" would only be able to see the deals within his team but not deals from other teams.


Respectively, a sales person from a certain team could not have access to deals that are not in his group.


Lack of this single feature is making our clients use a separate CRM.

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With this solution being in beta, have you already gathered requirements and determined the LOE?  Any targeted deliverable dates?

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Community Manager
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This idea has worked great. But now I´ve encountered problems with this for several clients.


1. Team leader: we have clients that have different teams but the same team leader, it is important that one person can view different teams.

2. Member in different teams: we have users that are in different teams but can only be assigned to one.


Thank you

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Hi,I don't understand, if there is now possible to assign the same person to more than 1 team.

It could be very useful. 


Thank you. 

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@AndyPitre - is there a way to set default/universal permissions for a specific team? Then when you create a user and assign that user a team, that user gets all those permissions?