Allow use of "naked" domain to serve websites


Most non-HubSpot websites these days allow users to use the naked domain as the primary URL for that site. So instead of the user having to remember to enter, they can just enter This is commonly seen as a best practice from a usability perspective.


However, in HubSpot, it is mandatory to connect all sites to a sub-domain. If customers want to use the naked domain, they have to set up complex redirect rules within their ISP. For many organisations, this is not something that they want to manage, especially if they are running their primary website through HubSpot and not just their landing pages.


I would like to see HubSpot add the native ability to use naked domains for hosting of website and landing pages.

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I agree that this is a must..... It's amazing that it's not automatic like the SSL certificate is these days... And it's doubly amazing that it took major digging through tech support to find a solution that didn't involve what you're talking about with "complex redirect rules" inside the ISP...


This gets my vote..


That said, a very simple and cheap (free) solution is You can EASILY set it up there with only one change to the DNS. I set up an account for every client, which enables the free factor.... Works like a charm. I don't know why Hubspot doesn't just purchase them or develop something similar... or, like you said, host the root domain like other CMS' do.

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I would also love to see that HubSpot facilitates a solution for this, since this should be configured for every HubSpot CMS website anyway. You don't want to have to depend on an external service for this.


You can add the naked url as a redirect URL inside of Hubspot. It will work just fine for people typing your websites url without the www. SSL is also automatic, so the behavior will be completely invisible to users, especially since  most browser bars won't display the www subdomain. 


Actually, you can even host directly on the root domain now if you have CMS Enterprise.


Redirects are incredibly slow. Given that we are paying for a premium service I am appalled that Hubspot does not offer this.