Allow us to trigger workflows based on property modification date

It would be extremely helpful for marketers to have the ability to trigger emails based on the updated date of a contact property, which can be seen in the property's history on individual contact records.  Say we're an e-commerce company and we have a property that tracks which products people are interested in. Someone could select video games, clothing, and movies. With this new HubSpot functionality, if over a year had passed and they hadn't updated these categories, we could send an email that asks if there are any other categories that they are interested in. Maybe they just had a baby, or adopted a pet - they could select these categories and then get more personalized recommendations in marketing emails.


And yes, I know you can set a property date through workflows to do the same thing, but this could become bloated depending how many properties you're tracking, and it doesn't work retroactively (and on the scale of a year, it would take a long time to get dates for new customers, and you might never get property update dates for old customers). 


Since these dates are already tracked in HubSpot, it doesn't seem like it would be too much work to get it up and running. 

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