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Allow us to exclude remote employees from traffic analytics

I've gone around the circle with quite a few HubSpot support folks who suggested that I add this as an idea here.


The problem I'm trying to solve is how to exclude site traffic from my colleagues. The traditional answer is that you can use IP filtering, but that only works with a company in an office space, which is not true of my company that was going mostly remote (and is definitely not the case right now in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis for most companies). My understanding is that the ISP that employees have at home is almost certainly going to assign a dynamic IP address, so you need to be able to continuously update your IP filtering, which is not possible at the moment.


One hacky way this might work is have all employees fill out a form on the website so they get a cookiee, create a List of them, and then exclude that List from reporting. It's the last step that's not currently possible.

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I have the same problem but worse. Even my traffic is tracked although I added my IPv4 & IPv6. 


In the past, my IPv4 changed rarely so it was perfect. But my isp recently added IPv6 ips and now it doesn't work... since the IPv6 changes frequently.


My suggestion would be an app or a browser extension that updates the IPs to exclude.


Technically if a user has a hubspot account then all they would need it their username to block their IP traffic.... This is an easy solution in my opinion for people who have an account with hubspot, having the ability to block employee analytics traffic via username which is tied to IP would be great too.

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Any update here? Would love to be able to filter internal traffic based on HubSpot users so none of their data is included in forms, traffic analytics, campaign analytics, etc. With a globally remote workforce, it is tough to keep track of multiple IPs that are subject to change. 


Yes this should be a Cookie Base, or with an integration with Google Tag Manager to prevent the trigger of the Hubspot script.






Hubspot, please give us the ability to block Hubspot users from the website Analytics reports. 

IP filtering/excluding isn't up to the job in this world where employees work from home. 


We have one situation when an employee working on the website is negatively impacting the site analytics in Hubspot. 


We are 100% remote and all of our traffic is included in our analytics.  Everyone is on a different ISP and the IP addresses renew differently for everyone, ranging from one week to two's simply too hard and time-consuming to keep track of!  -Kate

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This would be great to have!


I'm a business-level user so this might be irrelevant, but I had the same question (I've upvoted yours!) and found instructions on how to do it via GA. I've not attempted it, but it might be worth a technical look-through. It seems like there is a way to do this, so HubSpot should be able to put this on a feature roadmap at some point. 

The world of work has changed, and DHCP is the norm for a large percentage of workers now. We need a modern approach to filtering them from our marketing/sales data.


What about if their IP address changes? Better tied to account domain option, like all email addresses with our domain name in email be excluded from tracking.