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I've been doing a tidy up of old and underperforming pages and whilst I can apply 301 redirects in bulk, I can't then unpublish them in bulk.  This is a bit of a pain and something I thought would take a few minutes is now going to take me hours 😞


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I agree! I'm in the same boat. I would like to unpublish archived landing pages in bulk. We don't use the pages anymore but they keep showing up in organic searches.

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Hi! Commenting for a customer here:

When a page is archived, customers are given the option to just "archive" or "archive and unpublish". With multiple users in the same portal, such action can be inconsistent.

As such, when they want to now unpublish an archived page to remove them from SEO, they would have to go through it one by one due to the lack of filtering options within the archived pages. This is time consuming! Please allow bulk unpublishing feature, especially for archived pages. 

Thank you!


Agreed. I have all of the URLs I want to archive prepared in a Google Sheet, but can't seem to find a way to archive them in bulk. Any help would be greatly appreciated!