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Allow unique html id for CTAs

I am using a cta in several modules on the same page using {{ cta("guid") }} however I have noticed that the generated html use a html id that is not unique (shared for all the common CTA). This seems to be penalized in pagespeedinsight accessibility section, and is generally considerred to be an invalid html practice.

Could we add an option in a CTA to make the html ids unique ? The id seems to be cta_button_number_hubspot-cta-id (eg: cta_button_2458562_ce018fe5-be95-45b7-8ca3-fc23e2d8adfa). Maybe we could append a random number after or a count. If the hubspot id of the CTA is important, it can still be stored in a data attribute. But the html field id should be unique and clearly cloning a CTA to have unique id is unpractical when one needs to change a CTA text or destination link

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Definitely this is much needed