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Allow to set DOI Status via API (Subscription API Endpoint)

Lots of contact are generated in 3rd party tools including DOI process and transfered via API to Hubspot. Subscription API allows to set subscription but not DOI Status. As this is somethin a lot of integrations / customers will need I decided to create this idea to allow many others to vote for it. So pls. vote!



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A missing feature, we think will benefit the most, can be an option to send a Duoble Opt-In email via API call. 

So, in cases a client didn't enter his email correctly, he can change it later and ask for Opt-In email from our systems. 

This can ease up issues on support and manual work (mainly when you have over 100K clients) 


An important issue! 

Setting the DOI status manually is currently a workaround, but not appropriate. In particular, this is not "acceptable" for the continuous import of contacts from third-party systems via APIs.
It would help if the DOI status could be set via workflow. In principle, however, this should be possible via the Hubspot API. As a HubSpot customer who loves automation, the current status is far away from a state-of-the-art solution!

Fred Erik


Yes this is a definitive need - forcing us to include manual steps does render the use of the API useless. Please implement!

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Urgently needed! Many of our customers have 3 party tools where contacts are stored that have already set the DOI. These are transferred to Hubspot via API. Setting a DOI again manually is extremely cumbersome and unnecessarily complicates processes. Setting the DOI should be possible directly via API or at least via workflow. Please implement!


Definitely a must have! Without this needed feature we'll have to think about another solution for our email marketing. 

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We would really need this feature urgently!


Yes, really important feature!!!



Absolutely crucial as it takes the whole point out of API automation if this property, that is crucial to reaching out tot prospects via HubSpot, is not set via the API.

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Hey HubSpot, this was submittet on ‎Jul 3, 2019. Almost 3 years ago!


For the upcoming future it must be possible to set the DOI-Status via API.

We currently have a lot of customers using 3rd party tools with contacts wich already have a valid DOI-Status. Not being able to set the DOI-Status via API forces us to abandon HubSpot's DSGVO tools, which is an extreme pity. 

To set the DOI manually after every synchronisation of the 3rd party tool is really not an option.


Please take this requirement seriously and provide a solution to this as soon as possible.

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Any updates on this? 



Unfortunately no update. It's still an issue that prevents full automation and requires manual activities with each new contact.

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Hey HubSpot,

it is neither possible to set the email confirmation status via a workflow nor via API.

This is really annoying and hard to explain to our customers.

This makes it for example impossible to transfer the DOI state from Shopify to HubSpot.


Please provide at least a possibility to trigger the sending of a DOI confirmation email to a given email address via workflow.


So please prioritize this!!!



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Yes PLEASE do something HubSpot. This is crutial!

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Absoulte roadblock for many of our clients. Would be super useful for protals with imported contacts via API and would also allow better handling of international portals where GDPR only applies to a subset of contacts. This feature would be highly appreciated! 

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It's a mandatory need working with the HubSpot API - please, bring this to highest importance, HubSpot. It's more important than any AI feature ...

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Yes, we also need this for different customers. Is anybody of HubSpot even reading this. I mean, the idea was brought up 5 years ago.


Vote +1.000
We have to set the DOI manually every morning for all newly imported from submissions with an already confirmed DOI. Every morning! A process that requires holiday and sickness handovers as well as working on public holidays. The team urgently needs technical automation here!