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Allow to register several contacts that have the same email address

Some of our customers and partners are working with team email boxes, e.g. sales@ or procurement@ etc.

The emails we receive from such accounts are sent by different contacts. Those may have their own telephone numbers, job titles and should be registered as regular contacts in HubSpot in order to have a clear association of e.g. phone calls, notes and tasks.

The problem is that these contacts cannot be registered using their team email address since the address is used already thus the additional team members (contacts) of our customers and partners don’t get added to the crm although they‘d be valuable.

Please change that as soon as possible. Thanks in advance👍
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We are facing the same issue where contacts are working from the same email but have different phone numbers and job titles


Yes same issue here, even if there can be a different sort of unique identifier other than the email that somehow tells contacts with the same email address apart?


We also need that option!


Would be great to be able to utilize this as an option.


We also have this issue and desperately need a solution. It would be really useful to be able to set a secondary identifier to the email address. 


Same issue here. Would already help a lot if it would be possible to send email to the secondary email address (as long as that doesn't need unique values as well). Almost 50% of our contacts use a shared inbox and we can't email any of them 😕