Allow to filter ad interactions by occur before/after any contact property date


I noticed that some leads are misatributted to Direct Traffic rather than Paid Search even though the paid ad interaction is correctly tracked and is displayed in the contact timeline.


For instance, when a visitor click on an ad before his/her first conversion then later come back to the website through a direct URL, then convert to the wesbite, he/she will be sometime tracked as Direct Traffic rather than Paid Search even though the ad interaction showed to have happened in the timeline before the conversion through direct traffic. 


Unfortunately, it is not possible to automatically correct this misatribution because we can't filter this list of misatributted lead in a list. We could do so if the ad interaction filters would allow to filter ad interactions by "occur before/after" any contact property date. I could then select the first conversion date and compare it to the ad interaction date to determine whether a paid ad has occured before the first conversion.


However the current filter only allows to filter by fixed date.Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 12.52.58 PM.png