Allow to assign email sequences to a contact owner (including custom Hubspot owner) from workflows


When using workflows to enroll contacts in a sequence, it is only possible to select a pre-determined sender in the "Enroll in a sequence" workflow action. I would like to be able to select a Hubspot user as the sender using contact owner properties values from "contact owner" or "customer Hubspot owner". Not being able to do so makes it cumbersome to maintain an accurate sender selection for the enrollment in sequences because every time a team member needs to be added/removed to the enrollement logic, I need to update the sender accross every "enroll in a sequence" workflow actions. 


A great solution would be to allow the following settings for the "enroll in a sequence" workflow action.


Sequence: sequence name

Sender: custom Hubspot owner

From email address: primary/default custom Hubspot owner address