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(Allow to) Send more than one DOI (Double Opt In) Email and Opt In Reminder Mail



(Allow to) Send more than one DOI (Double Opt In) Email

Think about this case: A user submit a form and recieves an DOI Mai. He does NOT confirm the email in this case. Later, he visits our website again and fills out another (or the same) form AGAIN. What happens? Nothing, because he had not confirmed the first opt in mail before. But maybe heinterested in confirming his mail now, because he has other intentions to submit the form. We lost this user and potential client forever.


So it should be possible to (automatically) send more than one DOI Mail (e.g. after a period of time or if the user fills out another form).


Opt In Reminder Mails

A user recieved an Opt In Mail and did not confirm his identity - e.g. because he forgot it or does not find the time to confirm). From our perspective it make sense to send him a (final and unique) SECOND DOI MAIL after a period of time. I think this DOI Email Reminder will increase our Opt In Rate elementary.  Using an email workflow is not possible, because the user did not give us permission to send him marketing emails. 


Both features seem to be gdpr conform and could work within the EU.