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Allow the use of relative dates in workflow/smart list criteria

HubSpot Marketing currently only allows smart lists and workflows to use Deal date fields as absolute values (eg. August 17, 2017). This makes it very difficult to create smart lists and workflows based on aging deals or moving time ranges.


The ability to use relative date fields (eg. today, older than 2 weeks, less than 2 months ago) would open up so many possibilities in dynamic workflow enrollment.

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April 16, 2020 04:42 AM
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January 18, 2019 08:38 AM

Thanks all for sharing your feedback. This is now available in deal-based workflows. It's not currently possible with deal triggers in contact-based workflows, but we plan to add it in the future. 

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I genuinely cannot believe Hubspot doesn't have this. Please address as a priority.

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Thanks all for sharing your feedback. This is now available in deal-based workflows. It's not currently possible with deal triggers in contact-based workflows, but we plan to add it in the future. 


Great to hear!

Alex Nejako

Marketing Manager



it's great to see that there are some relative options based on when the field has been updated, but I think that this issue is more about having something that can do a workflow like this:  


If deal is in deal stage = trial and  trial start date (custom field) = today (not a specific hard date, but a floating date so that when that date is reached, the workflow gets kicked off), 

> send welcome to the trial email

> delay 1weeks

> send how's the trial going/need any help?

> delay 1 week

> send 1 week left in the trial, schedule a call to discuss feedback, etc.

> etc. etc.  


We'd like to do the same for when a new deal is closed and contacts/users are added to send them a welcome email based on their contract start date (custom deal field).


This would be so useful.  Is this coming soon?  Thank you!


Great to hear! Thanks so much, Hubspot. Definitely hugely useful.




@annieseattle you might be able to achive this by using your enrollment criteria "when the trial date  field value = is known" . That way when you populate the field it can trigger the workflow


@annieseattle   This written example describes what we are trying to do and exactly why I followed this Hubspot idea. The solution for this particular problem is not to start the workflow when a field has been filled in or "is known". @JosieSA  The main problem is that deals that close can start on different dates. People might sign the contract on 12/31/18 but not actually begin services until 1/23/19. You don't want to trigger the workflow on 12/31/19 when you enter in the 1/23/19 date into a custom field. Check in emails would start going out before the work has even begun. There needs to be a way to trigger actions based off of a custom date field.


Please extend this filter feature also to Active Lists.

It makes totally no sense having to update an absolute date in these filters!

To all people interested in getting this fixed, please Upvote the Master Idea below.
There were 15+ ideas on the forum related to date-filters, each being relatively small and describing one or two issues. That made this unlikely to be prioritized by Hubspot. In an attempt to accelerate this, we've made a complete analysis of what's missing and what Hubspot needs to develop. We created one holistic Master Idea aimed at describing the entire issue and collecting all Upvotes. Please vote on this idea now:
Date-filters: Improve Options Across all of Hubspot [Master Idea]

yes please - would be great!!

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Really important functionatlity - great to see it is in planning. 


Last Deal Modified Date is 60+ days ago....applicatons to Workflows and Reporting are BIG. 

Big limitation - HubSpot - do you hear us?


I'm constantly getting stumped when I want to create workflows that say set deadline now+7days. This would save a lot of manual effort.

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We also need this for our client as there seems to be no way within HubSpot to use a workflow to edit a deal close date to a set amount of time in the future. e.g. we want a step that goes "set property value" and have the option to say "180 days from now". Currently we can only set it to a specific date in the future (useless in a workflow!) or to the current date the step in the workflow occurs.


We should not have to use an external tool like Zapier for something so basic! 


I would like to be able to delay until a date that is specified in a custom field on the Deal. Once that date is reached then move onto the next action.  


Yes!  I need this! I would like to be able to say Delay "2 Weeks" after this Date Property  Or "2 Weeks" before Date Property.  This would allow a workflow to be 'cloned' and adjusted for the next instance of an offering.  The entire relative date structure of a complex workflow could be adjusted by editing ONE thing on the line item or product that is part of the deal.  (Or even one date field on a Custom Object).


A relative date is a must - please @hubspot 


@hubspot - please prioritize. thanks


Agree.  I have used this in Salesforce workflows for over 12+ years so very surprised that it was missing in Hubspot.  Thinking I must be wrong, I came here and noticed it's been an issue with Hubspot for many years and brought up by many.  Hoping Hubspot provides an update.  I planned to trigger an email 30 days after a meeting activity date and now not sure how I am going to accomplish this