Allow the use of relative dates in workflow/smart list criteria

HubSpot Marketing currently only allows smart lists and workflows to use Deal date fields as absolute values (eg. August 17, 2017). This makes it very difficult to create smart lists and workflows based on aging deals or moving time ranges.


The ability to use relative date fields (eg. today, older than 2 weeks, less than 2 months ago) would open up so many possibilities in dynamic workflow enrollment.

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@Hubspot where is this on the roadmap please?


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 Relative date filtering would be very useful and save lots of time and manual process!

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Add me to the ones who need this functionality.

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Agree with all above. Not having the ability to trigger workflows based on relative deal-related date properties is a major issue in HubSpot. 
Echo @SamuelSt

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+1 from us -- we want to send auto-notifications to sales whenever one of their deals is getting close to its close date. Only solution I can see is to use the API, which is not something we'd like to do.

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We need this ability for the new activity criteria as well. I want to create smart lists of contacts that were called and who answered in the last 30 days. 

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Add me to the list!  We want to have a list criteria for <Date of Action> equals TODAY

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Yup! I'm creating a list that sends a "Welcome" email to clients who's "Intake" is TODAY. Struggling to figure out how to do this. Greater than 0 days, less than 1 day from now? It's confusing.

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This is very important for sales follow up to not fall through the cracks. If we have a variable time then it can be set to specific intervals. ie. after 3 weeks of no activity send notification to team. 


Well overdue.

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Please, Hubspot, help us out with this!  It's really limiting and many other lesser systems can do this.  It's technically very possible.  Please prioritize this.  Thank you!


My example: I have a custom date field on Deals for Trial Start Date. I'd like to set up a Workflow with a trigger for 2 days after the Trial Start Date (whatever that date is, not a specific calendar date) to trigger a series of actions.