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Allow tasks to be opened in a new tab

This is a very small change, but would save me so much time when completing short tasks. It is very inconvenient to only be able to open one task at a time. I wish I could open them all in new tabs, complete the task, close the tab. I have tried everything, and cannot find a way to do this. 

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Agreed! I used to be able to do this, not sure why they would take this capability away, so annoying!


Came here looking for the same thing. 


Anyone with more tasks to complete than time wants to prioritize their task list. As it stands, this UX change is forcing everyone to grind through things chronologically or jump through 2-3 additional mouse clicks to get to specific tasks without losing the task list. This is the CRM getting in the way again. 


Ironically, clicking the task Title doesn't even load the task. It loads the deal, meaning it's still another 2-3 mouse clicks or scrolling to find it. 


Clicking the task Title should load that specific task—in whatever tab or window the user requires. 


This UX means some of us are spending more time jumping through UX hoops to complete tasks than we are actually completing the tasks, themselves. 


Please and thank you. 


Task list UX was significantly changed last night. Hooray. Columns. 


Major change to the task list UX—and yet, we STILL can't open tasks in new tabs. 


Clicking on a task should open that task. It should not force users into an assumed workflow. 


So irritating.




I agree with all the above, I have a monitor that only shows my tasks I would like to be able to open them in a new tab instead of having to go back and forth between tasks I need to do and the task page.


I agree 100%!  It's very frustrating and quite frankly i'm surprised this isn't already a feature 


Agreed! So frustrating! Makes me not want to even use tasks...

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agreed! this would really benefit my customer esp since they are looking for a way to use shortcuts here so that tasks open up in a new tab.


This would be a huge productivity boost!


hi all, 

Anyone find a solution ??



Thanks for your help 


This is a very old thread so I was hoping to see resolution but I do not. For all the reasons listed in this thread, this would greatly improve our work. Please give us the ability to open tasks in a new tab.