Allow support feedback survey to be triggered off other ticket properties other than closed status.

Currently the support feedback survey has only one trigger, namely for a ticket to have the status 'closed'. However, Hubspot themselves provide the admittedly handy feature that when a customer replies to a closed ticket, the ticket is automatically reopened and moved to the 'waiting on us' status (or a different status of your choosing). Once the ticket has then again been resolved and moved to closed, this client will then be sent a support feedback survey a second time. And if they keep reopening the ticket with additional questions they might even receive it a third and a fourth time and I can imagine to a client that would get old real fast.


If you choose not to use this automatic feature, you will be forced to keep track of tickets with the closed status that are not really closed, because you don't want to move to ticket because it will mean they will get a second survey later for the same ticket.


Hubspot engineers, this makes no sense. You're shooting yourself in the foot by offering these features simultaneously and not providing us with multiple options to trigger the support feedback survey. For example, it would be great if we could trigger the support feedback survey after a ticket has been closed for a certain duration. Other options might be that the resolution property is known. Any additional options would be most welcome at this point.

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