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Allow superadmin to customize RIGHT sidebar in contacts, companies etc

As a superadmin I would like to be able to customize the RIGHT sidebar in contacts, companies and other record types with a right sidebar, just like I can already today customize the left sidebar.


As a minimum, I want to be able to show/hide the individual sections by team, so e.g. some teams don't see "Tickets", others don't see "Playbook", etc.



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I agree, this would be niceto have


100% agree the right side bar is filled with too much data for some users and would like to limit it based on team or role.


Please make this possible, with a few integrations and custom objects this sidebar gets huge without customizable options.


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Hi all - Lily here from the HubSpot CRM product team 👋

I am starting research on customizing the right sidebar, so if you'd like to chat more shoot me a DM and we can set up some time to connect! 

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This is a no-brainer under the records customization category. I've been asked for this multiple times by clients who pay  $100k annually for HubSpot. 


- Matt, Aptitude 8

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Agreed - especially with custom objects, it would be great to control what appears. We have a usecase where we have 3 different custom objects but each company will only get associated to 1 type. It would be awesome to have logic like "if company type = Option 1, show Custom Object A, if Option 2, show Custom Object B" etc.


Agree! Upvoting this. There's a whole lot of distracting and irrelevant info for most of our users in this area. Would be nice to be able to hide some of them at the very least as you say! It would be even better though to be able to customize that space as it would allow us to optimize that area and get some real use out of it! 


It would be nice to have simple quick actions like generic links etc overthere..


This idea would greatly improve the user experience for our users. Their permissions for certain elements are disabled, but those elements still appearing in the sidebar creates confusion. Currently, we can customize contact & deal association cards in the right sidebar, and the properties that appear in the left sidebar, which are both very helpful features.  Would love to be able to hide unnecessary sidebar elements by toggling on/off, or having them hidden by default based on permissions/role/team. 

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+1 for this.


Adding some integrations (orgchart, Linkedin salesnavigator), some custom objects,... an a new user is totally lost in all fields, sections, cards in the right sidebar. 🙈


+1 Its frustrating this isnt already a feature


Fully agree, users should be able to manage full function of the right sidebar including delete/modify/add.


+1, this would be really helpful for our business.




Really need this feature.


i would agree. To give you an example, on deals there's the quotes functionality which we'll never use but causes confusion as the last CRM we migrated from used the term quotes for sales opportunities 'deals'. So i have an uneccessary element which may also confuse some users too. Just a nice simple toggle to show/hide for all users would be perfect at this point


I'm surprised this feature is not there yet. Hope it will come soon as users are getting lost with all the information available - especially with the introduction of Custom Object.


A simple global show/hide switch would already be very helpful to start with!


Would love to have this as well! Our biggest complaint is the attachments section is to general. we have very specific file sections we would like to add to this so we can have them organized rather then a list of files all under one section. We also don't use half the things that are currently on the sidebar, and would prefer to place our own custom property sections in there. 




I was so sure I was somehow missing documentation on how to remove objects from the right sidebar. It's kind of crazy that this isn't available.


Would be really useful indeed to be able to do that. Please Hubspot 🙏