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Allow sources report to filter by more than the primary domain

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Miembro | Partner nivel Elite

This is something we as a partner, and our Enterprise customers with several subdomains, need. 


Our company would definitely use this. We have variouos web properties across our business that need source tracking. We want to use Hubspot as our primary but this often leads us back to Google Analytics. 


Our company would definitely need this two. As we offer multiple products, we want to review traffic by subdomain defined by product lines. Thanks!


This, to me, is an absolutely necessary feature for ALL companies wishing to use Hubspot's reporting and traffic analytics data. What use is it for Hubspot to provide reporting and traffic data if you cannot view it? Most companies these days likely will have sites that are external to Hubspot hosting because very few will desire to rebuild a site (and limit the site experience) just to have it hosted in HS. So we will want to know the traffic metrics for these external domains, for that is a major reason why we are implementing the tracking code on external domains to begin with.

This feature doesn't require any new data capabilities to be developed, as the tracking already is picking up the source data for external domains. To see for yourself, just click on "Direct Traffic" and then search a particular domain and you will see the correct source split. Unfortunately we just don't have the capability in the UI to filter the source data (that IS there) by external domains and so we cannot view the source split for other channels beyond direct, like organic and social, etc.


This goes beyond just viewing the sources data in the standard traffic report though.... it also prevents us from creating custom reports on these external domains as well. Why should customers pay extra for reporting if we cannot even access the data that is in the data layer? How much support is needed in the community to get such an obvious capability to be implemented?

Miembro | Partner nivel Platinum

Our company would definitely use this too. As some of our customers are separating their business into different areas, providing various products and goals, we have to review traffic by subdomain!


Not only breaking information by subdomain but by subfolder!!!

We are a international company. we have a different folder per each language:





We need to analyse traffic filtering by subfolders and we can't do it on Hubspot...


Definitely a much-needed feature. Like some of the others have expressed here, we have multiple subdomains (some of which are for multiple products), so being able to separate each subdomain into its own report would be great to do. This way, we can have separate dashboards for each of the subdomains/products. 


This would be super critical to us too and dissapointing to find out half way though a project like we just did 😞

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We're scoping out the technical feasibility of this. Will keep you posted.


For those who are following around, 'Analytics views' is now live to both Sources report AND Pages report. It used to only be available to the Sources report, so hopefully this will help for more granular and insightful Pages analysis!

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