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Allow some level of access to CTA in every tier of CMS Hub


Include CTAs in every CMS Hub and/or Marketing Hub Tier, starting with 3 in Free, 5 in Starter, and unlimited once you get to Pro and Enterprise.



marketers, web designers, web developers, theme developers, anyone using CMS Hub to grow their business



Allow access for all tiers to purchase paid themes that require CTAs due to how modules are developed to incorporate CTAs and buttons and eliminate unnecessary theme migrations from free to paid themes.



A CMS Hub free user could opt to buy a Pro level theme and grow into CMS Hub (and other hubs). It would allow them to build their website once with the theme of choice and not have to worry about compatibility or migrating their website later. It would essentially allow all of the themes in the marketplace to be available for all customers.



Many other tools within HubSpot are structured this way, such as included marketing contacts or even number of snippets, templates, etc.


Additional insight:

  • as a theme developer, we've had to create an alternate version of our theme without CTAs to offer to customers using CMS Hub Starter. This is a manual process and loses the advantages of themes offered in the marketplace
  • we are asked very often what the impact would be of changing from CMS Hub Pro to Starter long after they've built the website with the theme (this breaks everything) - it forces customers to stay locked in to a specific tier without the flexibility to adapt as their business needs change (like in the current volatile economic market)
  • with 3 CTAs in Free, customers could start tracking their "contact us" conversions, as well as 2 key conversion actions, like "buy now" or "subscribe" - this would show the value of CTAs first hand and allow them to make the choice to upgrade
  • with 5 CTAs in Starter, same thing, customers can start to leverage the tool and show value before asking for a budget increase
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Definitely a +1 here. I get the push for limiting free (truly I do) so I love the tiered approach so you at least get a couple and make life a little better for devs and users alike. Great suggestion @Jnix284 🙌