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Allow setting of rules to correct property values on import


This I think will be useful for larger organisations or those that need to regularly import from different systems (and does not or cannot integrate by automated means).

We regularly import data from other systems across the organisation.
Those different systems all have a different 'country' drop-down by default. Now there are too many systems - and dependant systems for us to just update the country list in each of those systems. So, currently, I have to run a macro each time to ensure that the country list being imported matches the values I have in HubSpot - else this will cause an error.

Idea : 
Allow a set of rules or 'corrections' to be set up at HubSpot's side so if any of the known incorrect values come in they are auto-corrected. i.e:
If 'UK' appears in Country field correct to read 'United Kingdom'.

This will be useful for any property field imports that regularly have mis-spellings also.

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