Allow selectively updating properties via Eventbrite integration for existing contacts

Situation: Our client has a 20-years old database of Contacst and Companies, that is maintained via stringent quality control and verified from time to time. Our client runs regular events that are managed va eventbrite.



When existing contacts (with correct email id) register for events, they could enter information in Eventbrite that may be

  • insufficient or incomplete (e.g. just the first name and no last name, missing phone numbers)
  • interchanged (e.g. First Name and Last Name swapped)
  • abbreviated (e.g. abbreviated job titles e.g. M.D. or MD for Managing Director )

The default Eventbrite <--> HubSpot integration syncs the registrants data in HubSpot from Eventbrite forms for both existing contacts and new contacts. Existing contacts data is updated in HubSpot by overriding existing properties in HubSpot.

Consequences of unresolved issue:

Poor data quality updates forced for existing verified and valuable contacts impacting other online  / offline interactions with contacts as inaccurate or embarrassing 

Solution for Issue resolution:

Need a way to suppress updates of some properties (at least First Name, Last Name, Job Title) of existing contacts when synced via Eventbrite integration.



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Agree to this. Will be good if the integration allows users to supress updates of certain properties! 

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This would save a lot of time when altering errors and poor quality data from event registrations.