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Allow selecting a main contact from all contacts assigned to a company

It would be great to be able to create a custom property for a company that would allow you to select a main contact/contacts from all contacts that are assigned to the company. 


Some of our companies have a lot of contacts assigned, but we don't want to contact all of them everytime we run a campaing or create a workflow. The solution for now is to create a customer property for a contact and assign the value, however this takes a lot of time as we have to change the settings for each contact individually. 


Thanks 🙂

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I agree, having a main contact that could be linked to the Company and Deals sections would be so helpful. We currently have a custom property called Primary Contact and another called Billing Contact. Unfortunately, this work around doesn't always work, it's more of a reference field.


Yes, a functionality for choosing the primary contact would be very beneficial. We also have a workaround for this, a text field on the company that tells us who is the primary contact, and a data field on the contact. But the two are not linked. We should be able to choose the main contact from the contacts that are associated with that company, and the system should be able to tell us if the primary contact has left the company, has hard bounced, and so on.