Allow scrolling in Hubspot Intelligence in Salesforce - It would be nice to see all activities inste


With the old salesforce connector you were able to view all of the activity in salesforce that came in through hubspot forms, landing pages, etc. With the new salesforce connector it does not allow you to scroll so you can only view the top four or five activities in hubspot. Instead of having to view the contact in Hubspot to see activity it would be nice to scroll through the Hubspot Intelligence and see all the activity.

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Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

This would be incredibly useful.


This would be incredibly useful as our sales team at LeagueApps operates entirely out of Salesforce. We track our Customer Journey Stages for our contacts through a custom intent score property in Hubspot that we recently built and it is now critical for our sales reps to have an easily accessible and digestible view of the actions taken by contacts to increase their intent scores and move them down the Customer Journey funnel. Making the Hubspot Intelligence plug-in more customizable would allow this much needed view in Salesforce of contact activity tracked using Hubspot. This would be a very powerful tool to create warmer conversations and set our sales reps up for success going forward. 


When do you plan to fix  the scrolling issue to reveal more information?