Allow rich text or HTML in knowledge base category descriptions


We'd like to be able to include a link to some other training material in the category description on the knowledge base. The idea being that when someone clicks into the category, there is a link at the top.

We tried adding an HTML link in the category description, which works fine in the category view, but unfortunately, the links also get rendered when viewing the list of categories, causing the layout to break since they are also inside a link. (see attached screen shot - the bottom right category has no link, and renders correctly, the others have links and break into three pieces)


It would be a good (and hopefully simple) fix to have the content on the category tiles rendered with HTML tags stripped, that way we could include HTML in the description without it affecting the display of the tiles in the overview layout.

Even better would be to have a rich text editor in the category description so that it didn't require adding HTML manually.


Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 10.18.51 AM.png