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Allow removing the delay before redirect on Meeting form submission

I need to be able to remove the delay/countdown before redirecting to a new page when a user has submitted a HS Book a Meeting Form.

We have a Meeting form embedded on our website.

1. I don't see the reasoning behind having a built-in delay before a redirect. In my mind it is worse UX.


2. I am tracking goals through a Thank-You page that the user gets redirected to. I will loose traffic to this page because the user is able to close the tab before getting redirected.


I suggest either removing the delay completely - unless there is any good reason for it? Or allowing HS users to adjust it.


Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 21.23.56.png

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Not a perfect solution but, if you're using an iframe, when a meeting is booked the iframe sends a message to the parent immediately.

You can use that event to then trigger an immediate redirect/any other tracking activities.


function handleMessage(e) {
  if (
    e.origin == "" && &&
  ) {
    // We have a booking!
    // do something more with
    // ...
    // redirect  

window.addEventListener('message', handleMessage);



Thank you @lkoczorowski - I will definitely try this.


I agree with the above. The redirect countdown timer impacts conversion tracking across all platforms that use thank-you pages to track meeting bookings as conversions, because users are highly likely to close the page before the timer ends, meaning the conversion will be missed.