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Allow reenrollment for activity type criteria

"Activity type" workflow condition is fairly new and it doesn't allow for re-enrollment trigger. 


There are many instances whereby users want to track sales emails being sent to contacts and to reenroll contacts into the workflow to create tasks for follow-up, etc. 


It will really help if "Activity type" allows for reenrollment to pull in contacts into the same workflow multiple times. 

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Yes! We use the Callrail integration, and we need to re-enroll a contact into our workflow each time a new call comes in. Please implement this ASAP as Callrail has sunset the previous API mechanism, and now our entire system no longer functions!


Hi @PamelaSoh, did you find away to turn it around?


@hvy_weight thanks for the help, but Callrail is not free, it's really frustrating to pay another tool just to have this functionality, that suppose to be very basic.




Good idea. We need a workflow that every time someone sends us an email with the subject "Automatic reply", the workflow send me a notification; but because of this limitation it only works the first time. Please, integrate it.


yes, we need a re-enrollment trigger for an activity. In our case it's when the call and meeting type is Connected. Thanks.

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We REALLY need this. PLEASE think more about either Activity-based Workflows or Workflow Re-enrollment based on activities.

It'd be super helpful to be able to update contact properties every time a sales rep has a "Connected" call type with a contact to better track "quality engagement". 

We can't do this now, as a contact can no longer be enrolled in the workflow automatically if there is already a "Connected" outcome call on the contact.

Same here! This feature is absolutely necessary for our customer success workflows and I´m pretty sure, not just for ours...

This feature would be very helpful for us to send notifications to our team based on missed calls from Aircall. I spent and hour+ with support trying to set up some way to do this and it isn't possible. Definitely need this functionality.


We would li ke to be able to automatically set up a task to call client when someone books a meeting. 

Not sure why the meeting booking feature doesnt automatically do it but the fact it doesnt and this work around wont even work if its the clients 2nd meeting booking as re enrollement doesnt occur it so annyoying. Makes both features useless. 


We want the workflow to create a task to send a follow up email if the sales rep doesnt make contact with the customer when they call. I have the workflow set up, but since re-enrollment can't be based on an acitivity (call outcome or task titles etc.), it will only go through the workflow the first time that call outcomes happens. I would love to be able to say if "last" call outcome- XX etc, then create task.  This is a huge barrier and flaw in my workflow and I can't find a good workaround for it. 

Please make re-enrollment of activities available soon!


This feature is a must for us! We're also using the CallRail integration since inbound calling seems to be a bit of an afterthought with Hubspot. We have created a workflow to create a ticket that is triggered off of the "call outcome" activity being "left voicemail". Unfortunately this only works once due to the fact that re-enrollment is not an option. We have customers who utilize our recurring services for years and it is not uncommon for them to reach out to our office mutliple times. This feature would really help us utilize the service hub for managing inbound phone calls!


I would echo this feature request being a must for our service workflow automation to function properly. Currently, we have customers that may call us a dozen or more times throughout our service contract, and if we're only able to use an automation to create a new task and ticket one time, it creates a manual process that workflows cannot address. 



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This would be extremely useful for very many reasons


Absolutely agree - this is a must have and would nearly double the value of the workflows feature!

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Agreed! - a re-enrollment for an Associated Activity should a simple workflow feature.

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+1. It will be very useful


Absolutely agree. TOTALLY need this as we want to put a timestamp everytime we had an ineffective call. Right now, not possible to do reenrollment, not even from a list!! 


You can workaround this using Zapier.


Use New Engagement in HubSpot as the trigger, then update a company or contact property with, say, the outcome of the call.


Then set a property on the company or property to the timestamp on the engagement.


Then in HubSpot, use a trigger for your workflow based on the timestamp and outcome being known and hey presto, you've got a trigger that will enable re-enrollment on update.


Yes, it's a hack but it works while there are no engagement/activity triggers. 


How is this one going? Any progress in the past 2 years? I am trying to create a time stamp everytime a certain call outcome is met. No luck so far and such a seemingly simple and neccessary thing!


Allowing this would allow us to create support tickets off of our phone calls. I have spent more than 2 days trying to figure out how to make this happen.  I have been in touch with hubspot support as well as the support team for our phone provider. There is no workaround that will make it easy to create a ticket off of a contact if we talk to them more than one time (there is a workflow that will allow us to create one ticket, but that is it).  This would be so valuable.  So valuable in fact that we may have to shop other software if you don't offer it.