Allow reenrollment for activity type criteria

"Activity type" workflow condition is fairly new and it doesn't allow for re-enrollment trigger. 


There are many instances whereby users want to track sales emails being sent to contacts and to reenroll contacts into the workflow to create tasks for follow-up, etc. 


It will really help if "Activity type" allows for reenrollment to pull in contacts into the same workflow multiple times. 

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Yes! We use the Callrail integration, and we need to re-enroll a contact into our workflow each time a new call comes in. Please implement this ASAP as Callrail has sunset the previous API mechanism, and now our entire system no longer functions!

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Hi @PamelaSoh, did you find away to turn it around?


@hvy_weight thanks for the help, but Callrail is not free, it's really frustrating to pay another tool just to have this functionality, that suppose to be very basic.



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Good idea. We need a workflow that every time someone sends us an email with the subject "Automatic reply", the workflow send me a notification; but because of this limitation it only works the first time. Please, integrate it.

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yes, we need a re-enrollment trigger for an activity. In our case it's when the call and meeting type is Connected. Thanks.