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Allow "entered stage date" in Custom Report Builder



I'm missing the date property "entered stage date" from the Custom Report Builder.


The new builder is great (and allows for dual Y-axis, one of the things I was really missing). Our sales process is very lengthy and we frequently report on a weekly basis on "how many deals have moved into deal stage X". However, the date property "entered deal stage" is not available from the Custom Report Builder (while it is available in the 'normal' reports, which does not have the same customization features as the custom report builder). 


Would love for you to add this, as the property obviously 'exists' in the dataset somewhere. 


Current workaround consists of adding a workflow to set a date-stamp on a c ustom property ("Entered stage X on date:"), but this cannot be applied retroactively on previous deals. 

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Having the same issue! 


We're reporting with entries into deal stages and, via custom report, this field does not exist which makes it very difficult to keep data consistent across the dashboards. This because, when I want to cross references e.g. contact and deals for my main reportings, it's not getting the data from the same place (as I can't set the same filters) 


It is true that we can create a timestamp for deal stages. However, as @steinarslatten mentioned, this would not work reotractively and would fill the field out, regrardless of if there was an error with moving deal stages. For example, on our main reporting for won customers we use "entered stage date - contract signed" and "deal stage is not lost". This because there could be times that - by mistake - it is sent to won but then is no longer considered a customer. With the normal reporting, this is very possible because you can filter out stages. However with the timestamp you won't because the field will populate once the deal passes through that stage. 


Desperately needed! I want to be able to show number of deals on a monthly basis over a period of a year that are entering each pipeline stage and have this as comparable to previous years. Doesn't look possible without the entered stage property in custom reporting. 


Agreed. It's a pitty that these properties are missing in the new "Custom Report Builder"! A lot of our previous reports built with the legacy dashboard tool used these properties and I can't migrate those to the new report builder for this reason 😕


Dear HubSpot team, pleeease have a look at this! 🙂


Yes, please, we need entered stage dates available for custom reports.


Totally agree, we also do that workaround now but would really appreciate having the full functionality for the built in properties.


Yet another party pooper feature from HubSpot; the lack of consistency of available data sources bewteen filters, lists, reports, api, etc. Mrs. Spot, If you are hiding this from Custom Report Builders to keep it as an "Exclusive Opertions Hub Enterprise feature", you are about to initiate a potential break-up situation. Just saying! 


This is my data, and I want to access it. Please. And you know I love you.  


This feature is desperately needed. There is no reason that I should have to create a separate dataset in a CSV and develop pivot tables to get the insights I need. We pay far too much money for this service to not have it provide adequate reporting.


Need this badly and makes it a pain to scale reporting for those very important metrics.


WE REALLY NEED THIS TOO! Want to build a report that shows me all the deals that moved a stage in a given month - different than the forecast change reports. 


Totally agree ! I would also urgently need this feature, it is seriously too complicated to scale reporting for those very important and basic metrics


Would really value this feature, as the types of reports i would like to do are e.g. analysis of the time difference between date entered a proposal stage and date closed, by rep (deal owner), and also by lead type (i.e. own research vs. inbound lead)


Desperately need this! My reports are inconsistent without it. 

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Why would you even limit the available properties for a custom report?? C'mon, man! 

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Writing on behalf of a customer, being able to have this information in a Custom Reporter Builder will be extremely helpful for them to chart when their contacts are converting. 


Exporting the report in a regular report builder will not show the information as well. 


Yes love this! Hubspot should definitely enable date property "entered stage date" in Custom Report Builder. This can be a really crucial metric for understanding your business and sales cycle. Seems like a high value metric for the Hubspot team to prioritize 🙂


Hey guys, did Hubspot incorporated this feature or did you have an alternative now since i need that as well!


Please add this!:) It's incredibly frustrating to have a set of data that I can access in a single object report, that I can't access in a custom report.


Our goal is to see how many contacts enter certain stages over time, and without having this we aren't able to without building out a ton of properties ourselves (and even with this it means we have no backdated info). I know that data is in Hubspot already, and I'd like to use it in custom reports. 


Thank you!


This is absolutely necessary and baffling why a feature available in standard deal reporting IN HUBSPOT is missing from the custom report. I need to be able to filter for what has happened to the contacts who entered a specific stage and report on various properties x-deal/contact/company. 


This option is absolutely necessary. I understand that there are backend complications, however it is incomprehensible as a user.

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Aside from being able to use these properties in reports, they should also be available in workflows. If it's available as filters, don't see any reason why those properties can't be available for reports or workflows.