Allow "Original Source Drill Down 2" on deals to export as the list name, not the internal code


Currently, when you export a csv of deals to excel, the original source drill down 2 property exports as a string of roman characters,  which represents an internal code for the list that the main contact who is associated with that deal was from. 


For example, If I load a list of 100 leads to a list called: "My favorite conference A"

And 5 deals are created, the original source drill down 2 property of those deals will show "My favorite conference A" when viewed in the hubspot lists function, but will show "asdlkfwerj324-123123n" when exported in to CSV.


This is problematic because original source dta can be just as important as campaign, influence and multi-touch.  It would be ideal to export the original source and create a pivot table for the value of those 5 deals associated with that list, but that isnt possible with the internal code. 

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Totally agree. Trying to analyze deal sources and the export require a lot more manual work. 

On top of that when you look at the contact record, if this belongs to an import and not a list that was created, the import now doesn't show up in the list of lists the contact was part of. 

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I totally agree. When filtering a list of contacts by original source, I can see the drill down 2 names online within HubSpot, but not when I export. 


I cannot believe this issue hasn't been resolved yet. Clearly the data's so frustrating not to be able to view it properly in data exports or at a quick glance on the specific contact record. Having this information would be a huge help!


wow, this hasn't been fixed since early 2018? Clearly no one at Hubspot uses Hubspot Smiley Frustrated