Allow "Datetime" properties to be copied to "Date" properties using a workflow


Currently, it's not possible to pass a "Datetime" property (one of the default timestamp looking like "01/02/2019 15:44", like "became a lead date" for example" to be copied into "Date" custom created properties via workflow. Currently it's not possible and since all data is there, it should. We needed it 10+ times.


Copying below a post explaining it is not possible.

Workflows enable you to copy contact or companyproperty values to other contact or company properties. You can also copy values between contact and company properties. If you are looking to copy a property, but notice the target property you’d like to use isn’t available in the dropdown, it may be because of its property type.


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I have to agree. I created a custom date property to 'datestamp' when someone subscribed to our newsletter with a form due to inaccuracies in hubspot attribution reporting. I had to do this because the Create Date property doesn't necessarily capture the email subscription point in time. A contact may have been created from an import on October 1, made a purchase on October 23 and actively subscribed to my email on Nov 1. Attribution reporting will incorrectly ascribe this sale to email. I've been able to correct this with new contacts using my new datestamp, but now, I want to go back and retroactively copy older contacts' Create Date values to my new datestamp. I know it won't be perfect for those older contacts, but it'll allow me to do better attribution reporting.


Anyone who is still looking at this: It is relatively easy to work around this limitation. Just use Postman etc to change your custom properties from date type to datetime via API. Use the "Update property" endpoint:


Once the property type is changed properly, you will see the property in workflow available as target (reload is required for the page due to cache).

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This Workflow limitation on use of different date formats is absurd! The properties editor describes Close Date (for example) as an identical types to a custom property such as "start Date" Even the property calculation functions permit the use of the automatic and custom values interchangably!


An API option is hardly a great workaround if there is nothing to trigger the action


This is so necessary and from their documentation, they make it seem like it is possible: 

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 10.04.58 AM.png

"When a datetime property is copied to a date picker property, the time will not be copied. Only the date value in a datetime property will be copied to a date picker property." 

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Thanks for the new comment - In the months since I wrote up the original here, I had high hopes that the rather arbitrary limitation on copying between the two very similar types might be relaxed. In teh last 10 days I had another case for one of my clients that banged up against these limits. I wanted to use a workflow to copy the HubSpot Deal property Date of Last Meeting Booked to a custom date picker value I had created. In order to do this, I had to use Postman to change the target property to datetime type.


Now reviewing your documentation fragment (dated Jan 27th - my birthday!) and going back to revisit the same workflow, I see the limit does seem to have been lifted. Close date etc. (datetime properties) can now be copied into user created date values. Date of entering [deal stage} and a few others remain hidden it seems. 


I'll continue to explore this opic, because there are still a few things I need to do - date calculations etc. - that are not permitted, yet seem perfectly possible to make happen when you tweak the property type/limits etc. 


See my larger post on these topics:


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