Allow "Analytics View" Segmentation in the Traffic Analytics "Pages" Tab

The "Analytics view" option in HubSpot's Traffic Analytics is great... on the Sources tab. But it's not yet possible to use "view" segmentation in Pages tab. I have two separate brand domains, and have set up custom views based on each one. I want to be able to see page performance by domain, and using these "views" in the Pages seems like a no brainer. It would even be great to filter page performance by HubSpot's own subdomains (blog, landing page, etc.). I'm sure other companies out there have this problem, or at least something similar. 


Any chance this is on the roadmap at all?

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Please put this in the road map, asap. I added support to my Hubspot account. Unfortunately, now my marketing data can't be viewed the way it used to it's all blended together. It is a major negative to upgrade your account and lose something else you depend on.  I would warn anyone considering adding support to hold off until this change is made.