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Allow properties that automatically pull value properties on associated record

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Currently a workflow needs to be created to copy property values between different kinds of records like deals, companies, contacts etc. . This can be very manual especially when the properties don't update on specific records at the same time (e.g. at creation) and also makes it hard to keep workflow dashboard up to date.


Suggested feature: Allow properties to be created/set in a way that they automatically pull the value from the properties on an associated record, e.g. a company property automatically pulls a value from an associated deal. There is the obstacle, of course, that there can be multiple associations like contact <-> companies, deal <-> companies etc. Therefore ideally this should allow a choice to be set to the newest value (similar to the most recent value being synched in the Salesforce-HubSpot integration), the largest value, the oldest value etc.  


Example use cases: 

- show the largest deal amount associated with a company on the company record

- show the status of the most recent associated deal on the contact record 

- copy custom property values that are relevant to each record between different objects 

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Upvote from me. We also have a tonne of workflows just to copy data between contact/co/deal; if these objects could talk to each other better that would be amazing.

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We must have a dozen different workflows for the sole purpose of copying data around - there needs to be better way to utilize data cross-object through mirroring properties. Hopefully this gets built out soon enough.


Any updates on this to prevent useless "copy data" workflows?


This is extremely important to my team, too. We'd like to be able to get related contact/company data from a deal using automation. Copy data workflows would just create more messes.