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Allow others to receive notification or e-mail when Quote is Paid

Currently, when a quote is paid, only the quote owner is the person who will receive an email or notificcation when the invoice has been paid. 


This creates a lot of issues, as the person that creates the quote may not always be here, or it could be their day off and we have to constantly refresh the page to see if the quote has been paid. 


Furthermore, the way our company works, is once the quote is paid, the development team begins building the product or service that was paid for. 


By allowing mulitiple people to recevie a notifcation when a quote is paid, allows us to streamline the process more effeciently. We won't have to constantly refresh the page, and not rely on the person that created the quote to tell us if quote was paid. 


Therefore, I'm proposing Hubspot, to allow Super Admins, by default, to also get an e-mail or notificaton when a quote is paid, and then also allow others to optin (such as the tech team, or any team that needs to know if the quote is paid to so they can build or deliver the produt or service that was paid for by the customer. 


If you have any questins, pease don't hesitate to ask for clarification. 

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