Allow notes to be pinned when creating them


The new UI is generally quite good, unfortunately however, the Pin functionality has gotten worse not better. 3 suggestions to make pins more user friendly and efficient:


1. When writing a new note, give us a check box asking if we would like to Pin this note. This way we can select it and automatically pin it when we finish creating the note. With the current UI it is VERY easy to finish a note, forget to Pin it, and for it to get buried.


2. Make it easier to Pin existing notes directly from the UI. Having to click through Actions -> Pin is a pain.


3. Allow us to apply a Pin to all associated contacts for a company with 1 click. Essentially an "apply to all" button or something.

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This would save some potentially unnecessary clicks, agreed.


+1 on idea of pinning a note with fewer clicks! We are using pinned Notes on Deal records to access the "latest action taken" by a team member. I sometimes forget to pin a Note after I've saved it; ability to pin at the same stage as saving said note would save a few clicks, a me from a few forgetful moments.