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Allow non-Sales Pro users to manage Product Library

Yay for having a products feature, but a big BOO to making this only for SalesPro users -- especially for product creation. It's not our sales people that create products and assign pricing -- it's our admins! They don't need the SalesPro features, but they really need the product information. We also would love to have more product features so we can track things like contract (product) expiration and renewal dates.

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November 07, 2019 09:49 AM

Any user with admin permissions can edit the Product Library - regardless of if they are assigned a Sales Pro/Ent seat 🙂

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I completely agree. I was under the impression that sales pro users were the only ones to create products but everyone else could add products already available in the library, is not the case. Is true for us too, the sales team is not the one dealing with other products as that is done by after-sales when including add-ons, etc. 

We will not get a sales pro license for someone who only needs to add products, remove them or see them. The feauture should be available to all types of users. 


Along those lines, it would make sense that SalesPro users can edit products added to their deals, but as an admin, I should be able to prevent users from editing or adding to the Products Library overall. 


(great progress, but still a ways to go in differentiation of Admin-only vs properties and features open to users to modify.)


Have to add to my above comment. 


We've had an unfortunate incident this week that very clearly highlight the need to treat the product library as a property that can be restricted from editing in the user settings, regardless of whether they are a SalesPro user. 


One of the somewhat newer reps decided this week that he had his own personal product library view, and deleted well over half of our products from the library, since they weren't products he used in his own sales process.  This is an unbelievable amount of work for us to have to now go and rebuild, and impacts our Sales Rep's ability to create and close deals with an accurate deal amount.


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Any user with admin permissions can edit the Product Library - regardless of if they are assigned a Sales Pro/Ent seat 🙂