Allow multiple people to book a Meeting during the same time slot


we would like to offer free product demos on the website and use the meetings tool to allow users to book. 


However, as a cloud videoconfrencing provider offering virtual meeting rooms (VMRs), we would like to run video meetings to allow multiple guests to join one meeting. It would be great to have the functionality to let multiple users book the same time slot (and set a maximum number of guests per time slot) so we can use our digital meeting rooms. Currently, we will have to use Eventbrite or similar to manage the booking process adding another couple of steps for users and for us to manage. If we could just use Sales Pro that would be so much smoother!

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Allow multiple people to book a Meeting during the same time slotHubSpot Produkt-Team
Sep 28, 2017

It would be awesome to have multiple contacts sign up for the same available time via the Meetings Tool. For example, you could set the number of sign-ups it would take to then make that time unavailable, allowing multiple contacts to sign up for a group meeting. 


Thank you all for your work!

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Neues Mitglied

This is a very important feature as we often have more than one person from the same company attend a meeting, yet we don't want to open the meeting to people from another company.  When can this feature be added?