Allow multiple people to book a Meeting during the same time slot



we would like to offer free product demos on the website and use the meetings tool to allow users to book. 


However, as a cloud videoconfrencing provider offering virtual meeting rooms (VMRs), we would like to run video meetings to allow multiple guests to join one meeting. It would be great to have the functionality to let multiple users book the same time slot (and set a maximum number of guests per time slot) so we can use our digital meeting rooms. Currently, we will have to use Eventbrite or similar to manage the booking process adding another couple of steps for users and for us to manage. If we could just use Sales Pro that would be so much smoother!

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This is a very important feature as we often have more than one person from the same company attend a meeting, yet we don't want to open the meeting to people from another company.  When can this feature be added?

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
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Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. 




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This would be a huge help. We deal with education clients that need an easy way to book and track their group tours in Hubspot. With this being a feature it would be a slam dunk. I see it is "Not Currently Planned" but hopefully the product team could take a look at it next quarter as this would open a ton of doors for folks. thanks!


This would be great for us too as we would like to offer online charter briefings in a post-Covid world to avoid doing these at our bases with large groups of passengers

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+1 from me, great idea and very important for group (contact) meetings

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wessential tool in the world of webinars!

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer! It would be great to be able to find availabilties across multiple contacts using the HubSpot meeting tool, rather than an external tool and then sending a calendar invite.


Your competition offers this functionality... Get on it HubSpot!


We need this functionality as well.
We regularly hold group meetings with teachers from several different locations. It would be great to make appointments through Hubspot.

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Currently using Calendly to allow an 'event' booking for multiple people into same time slot on a shared calendar.  Works unfortunately, registers as an offline source so there are no conversion / tracking capabilities from HubSpot.   Love to see the ability to allow multiple bookings in same timeslot as an option with HubSpot meetings tool so that we can measure conversion / tracking information.


Yes would be great. Will need to use Calendly presumably in the interim.


I need this functionality ASAP, we are using separately a shared Google Calendar, but doing this we are missing some important KPI.

What's wrong with booking more meetings at the same time?


I really need this too. I'm exploring other tools that will allow me to do this. 
Are there any free ones?

And ones where I can offer the same time slots each week rather than a tool that checks my calendar availbility?


UpVote. Need this! 


Any work arounds?


My meetings are for 6 people at a time, however once the forst person has booked, it marks it as unavailable for the rest.  I have to manually change the booking in my calandar from busy to free which is time consuming.


On the free version please can we have a feature to set the maximum number of attendees that we wish to meet, then it becomes unavailable after that.


I'm sure many companies meet with more than one person at a time!




This is what we need too, with COVID it's important to have the functionality to allow multiple attendees to a single online event. So having a function where you can set a limited number of "seats" thus allowing that same amount to secure the calendar time is vital, not just a nice to have, at the moment you are forcing users to integrate Calendly, which is not a good product marketing strategy, please update us all with a roadmap status on this feature. 


A basic feature which we have to request for?? Come on!!


Plus one for this! Would love to allow multiple people to book the same time.


We need this one as well. +1, thanks!


I agree.   We are looking for similar functionality.  Often multiple stakeholders from an organization will need to join a meeting.  Ideally, I would send a link with my availability and the tool would help the other attendees choose a time that is convenient for all without the back and forth which can stall or even stop a meeting from taking place.  Thank you for taking the time to consider this feature.  Best, Mike