Allow multiple owners to be assigned to single contacts

Currently a contact can only have one owner, which makes it difficult to keep information where it belongs. Team view works, somewhat, but we don't want every member on a team to see everyone elses information.

There are some cases where multiple users will be working with a contact or deal, but they cannot see them unless they are the owner or their permissions are unowned/team.

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Love this. From my old SFDC days, this was "opportunity team" --- included our AE, potentially a sales manager, sales engineer, etc. that were involved on the deal. 

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We have a similar problem. As a real estate brokerage we have many contacts (think lenders, attorneys and various contractors) that are shared among our agents (users) and thus require an "Unassigned" status for HubSpot owner. That's fine in that everyone can access the contact, but ABSOLUTELY not fine that everyone can see every conversation. These conversations may contain private information.


We need to be able to assing multiple owners to a HubSpot contact and have permission rights flexible by owner. Ideally, even though the contact is "visible" to multiple users (owners), each user can only see the conversations that included them. Ultimatley, without an ability to allow multiple users to "own" each contact and then only see their conversations, the value of the tool is significanlty lessened for us.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

Hi everyone,


Now in beta is custom owner permissions, which will apply the user permissions set within your Account settings to any custom owner properties, giving you more customization as to who can and cannot access or edit contacts, companies, deals, or tickets. Please fill out the form here ( to request access!