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Allow multiple HubSpot owners to be assigned to Contacts, Companies and Deals

I am carrying this idea just over from the old HubSpot ideas plattform:

  1. Here (with a great suggestion on implemenation)
  2. And here

"Many (if not all) of our clients need the ability to attribute multiple owners to Contacts, Companies and Deals in the CRM."


"In our case we have multiple people working on the same deal. Currently all I can do is filter the deals by the hubspot owner but I would love to be able to track the ROI of individual salesmen but I get incomplete data right now because they might have worked on part of a quote that was assign to someone else because we cant add multiple users."


The problem shows up when you set users so that they can only see their assigned contacts and unassigned contacts.


The current workarounds (not setting a user or just not working in a team) are... less than satisfactory. It would be great to hear when this change comes.



November 07, 2018 12:13 PM

Hi @Steve_Vincent, that's correct! One clarification - the property needs to have the Type "HubSpot User". It can't be a Dropdown select type that contains HubSpot user information. More information can be found in this product update:

Re: Allow multiple HubSpot owners to be assigned to Contacts, Companies and Deals - changed to: Delivered
November 07, 2018 08:00 AM

Permission sets will now be applied to all custom "Hubspot user" type properties in all portals!

October 04, 2018 01:22 PM

Hi @MarketingUser, I'm going to shoot you an email to look into what you're seeing on your end!

October 04, 2018 12:48 PM

Hi @marshah, this update is the permissions. If a user has "view owned only" permissions and is the contact's Secondary Owner (but not Contact owner), the user will now be able to see that contact.

Re: Allow multiple HubSpot owners to be assigned to Contacts, Companies and Deals - changed to: In Beta
October 04, 2018 12:09 PM

Hi everyone,


Thanks for your patience. We understand that there are many different use cases for allowing multiple owners to be assigned to contacts, companies, deals, and tickets, and hope that this update, in conjunction with the initial feature update here (custom owner properties: will be useful.


Now in beta is custom owner permissions, which will apply the user permissions set within your Account settings to any custom owner properties, giving you more customization as to who can and cannot access or edit contacts, companies, deals, or tickets. Please fill out the form here ( to request access!

Re: Allow multiple HubSpot owners to be assigned to Contacts, Companies and Deals - changed to: In Planning
July 24, 2018 06:53 AM

Hi all, thanks for your patience here. We've built this out and are testing it internally prior to releasing it to all portals. You can expect custom owners to be given view/edit/communicate permission just as they would if they were the primary owner within the next few weeks.

November 21, 2017 06:54 AM

Thank you all for the feedback. We are aware of the limitations in terms of user permissions and hope to implement those in the near future, @CaseyBeanBKS@MVenhousen@RDI1281.


@JimHarris the idea is that these properties will each represent a separate type of ownership, such as BDR, Sales Rep, Onboarding Specialist, Customer Success Manager, etc. By defining the different owner properties, you are differentiating them from each other and can therefore segment accordingly, as Custom Property #1 would represent a different role than Custom Property #2. 


@VagaeNatus can you clarify what you mean here? This is a contact property, but it's meant to organize different users that interact with a contact in different capacities. How would you like to use this property for contacts, over users?

ステータスに更新: Delivered
November 20, 2017 11:44 AM

 Hi all, we recently released a new field type, HubSpot user, that allows users to create custom owner properties on HubSpot records. Custom properties created with this field type pull in directly from the User list in Settings, resulting in the property dynamically updating without any manual action being taken on your end. These new custom properties allow multiple owners to be assigned to a contact, company, or deal record in order in order to align with your customers’ various touchpoints within your organization.


More information about how to create these custom owner properties can be found here.

ステータスに更新: In Beta
August 08, 2017 12:41 PM

The ability to create custom owner properties for contacts, companies and deals is currently in beta. 

ステータスに更新: In Planning
April 04, 2017 01:31 PM


YES!! Or be able to select HubSpot users for custom created property!


We have the same issue here. As a temporary patch, i've created a "Secondary Contact Owner" as well as a "Customer Service Rep" field, to give me the ability to assign multiple people to a singular contact, company or deal. But, it does not recognize these people as "owners" so the default view on many of their pages does not show them EVERYTHING they are associated with. It would be much simpler if you cuold use like a checkbox selection to select multiple deal owners.


I agree. We tried letting all reps see everything, but this was a collosal fail. Being able to assign more than 1owner is what makes sense.


I did the same thing as jiniemi7 above, and we've had much success.  Basically created a new field for our BD salespeople who partner on an account with an AE within a given territory.  From there we did workflows to assign the right BDAs to the right AEs (i.e. Hubspot Owner), then created teams so I could report across both teams.  I actually like the versatility this setup provides, but it is a pain to onboard/offboard a new user because that means new workflows (although cloning workflows makes things easier!)


We need this functionality as well. Our Account Managers work with Customer Success Specialists and need the ability to co-own or have primary/secondary owner designations. 


The product response is still missing the functionality to assign miltiple owners to a deal record IMO. It would be nice if we could adjust to a check box of users of sorts to ID who all is "owning" a deal record. In the same token, it would be nice if we could assign a task to multiple users/owners as well. 


Also agree. We would need to set a certain % for each salesperson involved on a deal (50/50, 60/40...). And even more than two salesrep on one deal.

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Same here! Would be best to assign multiple contact owners to one contact. With the exact same rights. The 'Hubspot user' property isn't sufficient in our case.

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Hi there, please see this post about why multiple owner solution is not working with Filters (Owner & Team)


cc: @jsg121