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Allow multiple HubSpot owners to be assigned to Contacts, Companies and Deals

I am carrying this idea just over from the old HubSpot ideas plattform:

  1. Here (with a great suggestion on implemenation)
  2. And here

"Many (if not all) of our clients need the ability to attribute multiple owners to Contacts, Companies and Deals in the CRM."


"In our case we have multiple people working on the same deal. Currently all I can do is filter the deals by the hubspot owner but I would love to be able to track the ROI of individual salesmen but I get incomplete data right now because they might have worked on part of a quote that was assign to someone else because we cant add multiple users."


The problem shows up when you set users so that they can only see their assigned contacts and unassigned contacts.


The current workarounds (not setting a user or just not working in a team) are... less than satisfactory. It would be great to hear when this change comes.



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Having this capability is vital for our sales team. Without it, we limit our ability to collaborate on contacts, companies and deals. Simply giving us the ability to assign secondary, tertiary, and quaternary owners would solve the problem. This is our biggest pain point with HubSpot. Been advocating for it for over a year and still no progress has been made. If this cannot be resolved, HubSpot will not be a long term solution for us. Please make this a priority.


This is a problem we are running into as well. We have multiple users who will service an account and they all need to be able to receive notifications and access the contacts/companies. 

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We have multiple lines of business and assigning two owners for one company is imperative to the success of us using Hubspot.

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100% This is a big challenge with our biggest client. We would love to have this ability

The challenge we have is the following:
  • The client has multiple reps that work with a single customer.  For example, an outside sales rep might work with an inside sales rep on one account. They both want the ability to track emails and add notes to the contact and deal records. And they both would like visibility into the activity.
  • In the CRM, the client only wants the sales reps to have visibility into their assigned contacts. Not all contact in the CRM.
  • Sometimes two reps will work together on one account, like Hubspot, different team members manage different parts of our sales cycle and different services.
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Because we have products represented by different agents, this would be awesome - we often have multiple agents pursuing different deals with the same contact - but when they view their contacts, only one of them can be the owner and the others can't keep track as easily.

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We are currently a small sales team but also have a R&D team etc and tasks need to be assigned to multiple people as everyone is wearinmg more than one hat, so the first one who has time gets the task done. I don't see a way to do that. High priority for us.

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Not having multiple users is a deal breaker for us. We are currently an Enterprise customer and will be looking elsewhere if this is not addressed.

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Agreed that being able to assign multiple HubSpot Owners to a contacts is a must and almost a dealbreaker for us. We were hoping the new Teams tool would address this, but it hasn't. Within the Teams tools, there are now user permissions for Contacts where we can choose between Everything, Team and Unassigned, Team Only, Owned and Unassigned, and Owned Only. We were hoping that Teams would allow each HubSpot Owner to see the contacts they are working on together with another HubSpot Owner. Instead Teams allows each Team member to see ALL contacts for each HubSpot Owner, regardless if they are working on the same contact or not. For an example, let’s say I create a team of Dave & Mike. The Team Only permission means that Dave will see ALL of Mike’s contacts and vice versa that wouldn’t work for us or many companies due to privacy reasoning and has the same issues as the Everything permission. Dave and Mike would only need to see the customers they are working on as a team, not everything. It would be the same for reporting, I’d only want to see the accounts that Dave and Mike are working on as a team. In our situation, we need to be able to assign teams on a contact by contact basis either by having an option in the HubSpot Owner property to assign the contact to an individual or team OR by changing the user permissions so there is a Team and Owned Only option.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

The ability to create custom owner properties for contacts, companies and deals is currently in beta. 


@ Hubspot team: when you fix this, you have the opportunity to fix another big issue.


If you create a new property type that is "contact relationship" on both the deal and company object and add a check box "Ownership", then you should be able ti fix all of the above + many more. We could add contacts to a deal that would not be owner. Since it would be a property, each admin could set the name for that field.