Allow multiple HubSpot owners to be assigned to Contacts, Companies and Deals

I am carrying this idea just over from the old HubSpot ideas plattform:

  1. Here (with a great suggestion on implemenation)
  2. And here

"Many (if not all) of our clients need the ability to attribute multiple owners to Contacts, Companies and Deals in the CRM."


"In our case we have multiple people working on the same deal. Currently all I can do is filter the deals by the hubspot owner but I would love to be able to track the ROI of individual salesmen but I get incomplete data right now because they might have worked on part of a quote that was assign to someone else because we cant add multiple users."


The problem shows up when you set users so that they can only see their assigned contacts and unassigned contacts.


The current workarounds (not setting a user or just not working in a team) are... less than satisfactory. It would be great to hear when this change comes.



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Are there any updates on this? Moved to in planning last year, but haven't been able to find an update since then. Thank you!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

Hi everyone,


Thanks for your patience. We understand that there are many different use cases for allowing multiple owners to be assigned to contacts, companies, deals, and tickets, and hope that this update, in conjunction with the initial feature update here (custom owner properties: will be useful.


Now in beta is custom owner permissions, which will apply the user permissions set within your Account settings to any custom owner properties, giving you more customization as to who can and cannot access or edit contacts, companies, deals, or tickets. Please fill out the form here ( to request access!

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Well thank you but we've had the custom owner property for a while now. This basically only allows you to create a property called Secondary Owner or whatever and then add a user's name. You can filter by the second owner but that's about it unless I'm totally missing something.


The permissions are the thing that's needed as the second owner cannot see the contact info because we can't set the permissions for him/her to do so. 


Been waiting on the permissions since I received the last letter from you guys about it a few months ago. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @marshah, this update is the permissions. If a user has "view owned only" permissions and is the contact's Secondary Owner (but not Contact owner), the user will now be able to see that contact.

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I was hoping that a Contact could have multiple owners and each owner be given either a) the permission to see just their communication with the Contact; or b) permission to see all communication with the Contact. Honestly, it doesn't seem like that would be hugely difficult to do.

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We are part of the beta for this - it still doesn't work. The person from HubSpot that initially reached out to us about it won't reply back to assist. Have been contacting these HubSpot support reps for the last month and still no one will get back to us.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @MarketingUser, I'm going to shoot you an email to look into what you're seeing on your end!

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 Not only are mulitple Deal Owners critical for any organization working as teams, but it is also a critical feature to be able to share Deal information with partner companies. 


HubSpot security only allows the Admin to set up Users by View All, Team Only, or HubSpot Owner only.  If and when we want to invite a partner to view HubSpot Deals, we have to unassign the current owner and reassign to the partner.  

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You can now create a contact and company property called "Secondary Owner" or "Additional Owner" etc and add in the partner you want as the secondary owner. This secondary owner will now have the same permissions as the main owner and will be able to see the contacts, associated companies and any deals for same.

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All that is true but it breaks down when you want to have a contact filter view of "My Contacts". You cannot setup a view that would allow you to see all your owned contacts AND all the contacts you are a secondary owner of as well. HubSpot would need to add some sort of And / Or logic to the contact, company, deal, and ticket views for the Custom Owner properties to be a complete solution to this issue.