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Allow multiple HubSpot owners to be assigned to Contacts, Companies and Deals

I am carrying this idea just over from the old HubSpot ideas plattform:

  1. Here (with a great suggestion on implemenation)
  2. And here

"Many (if not all) of our clients need the ability to attribute multiple owners to Contacts, Companies and Deals in the CRM."


"In our case we have multiple people working on the same deal. Currently all I can do is filter the deals by the hubspot owner but I would love to be able to track the ROI of individual salesmen but I get incomplete data right now because they might have worked on part of a quote that was assign to someone else because we cant add multiple users."


The problem shows up when you set users so that they can only see their assigned contacts and unassigned contacts.


The current workarounds (not setting a user or just not working in a team) are... less than satisfactory. It would be great to hear when this change comes.



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New idea for permissions for custom owner fields submitted here.

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Case : Joe and Jaime both worked on a deal worth $10,000. When won $5,000 gets attributed to each owner.


If there are 2 sales people working on a role it would be very benefitial for reporting to be able to add them both as deal owners and have the total deal value amount split between them.


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@Thefunnelmaster Yes! This would be helpful for us too. To take this a little further, it would be valuable to give the percentage split. So Joe, the lead sales person gets 70% and Jaime gets 30%, the CRM splits the total "amount" accordingly.


It's also valuable when someone is looking through "my contacts" to have all clients they work on show up, even if they aren't the primary on that account. 


Every deal our sales guys work in teams. (sometimes more than 2) 

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We first asked for this a year and a half ago and nothing yet? Is this even in the works? Does anyone have a workaround? I've never had this much frustration with a platform before.

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@marshah No it's probably not in the works since the team of Hubspot declared this idea as "delivered", although their "solution" doesn't really solve something for most of us. Maybe they don't even read all these posts since it's already out of their scope Smiley clignant de l'œil


Posting a new idea and calling everyone in this thread to upvote it would be a next step to be heard.

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Hi all, thanks for your patience here. We've built this out and are testing it internally prior to releasing it to all portals. You can expect custom owners to be given view/edit/communicate permission just as they would if they were the primary owner within the next few weeks.

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This is wonderful! Please don't tease us! Smiley très heureux

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Thank you @jsg121!!

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For us, it will be helpful if a deal could have multiple owners assigned.   Our salespeople are not permanentaly paired into teams but like to colloaborate on deals.  The ability to grant multiple owners would allow for more seamless collaboration on their part.  (Teams do not work in this instance since the salespeople will mix and match their deal partners.)  If multiple owners are allowed, creating a field for each owner to designate commission split will also be helpful.  (Not every deal is split 50/50, some are broken down 60/40, 75/25, etc.)

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We have a similar problem. As a real estate brokerage we have many contacts (think lenders, attorneys and various contractors) that are shared among our agents (users) and thus require an "Unassigned" status for HubSpot owner. That's fine in that everyone can access the contact, but ABSOLUTELY not fine that everyone can see every conversation. These conversations may contain private information.


We need to be able to assing multiple owners to a HubSpot contact and have permission rights flexible by owner. Ideally, even though the contact is "visible" to multiple users (owners), each user can only see the conversations that included them. Ultimatley, without an ability to allow multiple users to "own" each contact and then only see their conversations, the value of the tool is significanlty lessened for us.